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Compare and Contrast Essay I was only eleven years old when I first walked into the Knox Middle School. I was an upcoming student amazed at every little thing that could be seen. The place that was so old and cold, demanded new organization, after fifty-three years of passing on knowledge. It was a dream of mine to go to a school that could uphold sectional games. Or, just have people walk in my school and say, awesome.

On the first day of school as a sixth grader, I was horrified at the size of our middle school. I thought it was huge but it really wasn't. After going to school there for awhile, I soon realized it wasn't that big. The rooms were small and filled to the limit with students. The library was compacted into the size of two rooms. Everything in the library was so tight you could barely read or study.

The narrow hallways were always packed with students. You honestly had to dodge other students to get into your classroom.

When I was in the middle school my entire three years, I had classes all over the building. Take for example my shop class, it was located at the very tip of the south end of the school. Then, I only had five minutes to get to my locker and get new books and head to the north part of the school for my math class. It was hard, but somehow I seemed to have done it. Also the bathrooms were limited. We only had one you could get into. The office area in the school was quite small and had been filled with supplies twice it's size. Ever since my seventh grade basketball season my class was predicted to win sectionals my senior...