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The two settings in "Why Don't You Look Where You're Going" and "By the Waters of Babylon" are completely different. In one, many people are aboard a luxury ocean liner, and in the other story a small band of people live a primitive life in the mountains. Although the settings are much different, the time periods could be close. There are similarities and differences in the settings of the two short stories.

In " Why Don't You Look Where You're Going" a few thousand people are living as good as it gets aboard an ocean liner. It takes place in the present day while civilization is at its peak of prosperity. "By the Waters of Babylon" is completely different. It takes place in the mountains where a small group of people live a primitive life. They speak of the dead places that were once occupied by the gods.

At first they appeared as an Indian tribe from the past, but as you learn more and get more information it seems they are a people in the near future after a huge nuclear war that destroyed most of the human race. One of these takes place in the present day while man is thriving; the other story take place after a nuclear devastation almost destroyed the human race.

The main similarity between these two stories settings is how isolated the people are. In "Why Don't You Look Where You're Going" all the people are aboard a ship in the ocean. They are hundreds of miles from the main land. In "By the Waters of Babylon" the small tribe lives in the mountains. There are not very many people around because most people were killed in the nuclear war. This is the only large...