Compare and Contrast Essay: Salem Witch Trials and The McCarthy Era

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Life isnt fair. Everybody learns this at one point or another. Sometimes you just cant win. Most people know this, btu for some, it is a harsh reality. Take the people accused in the Salem Witch Trials, or those accused in the McCarthy Era. They all had to come to terms that life isnt fair, especially those accused: they were innocent. But hoe can you prove that you are innocent when all the odds are stacked against you? You cant. This doesnt make sense though, because how would a person in those times prove that they were innocent? Or rather, how would the accuser prove they were guilty. Obviously, true justice could never be served if those accused were really innocent. So why then, were so many people convicted and then executed? The main reason could be hysteria. Hysteria is a great fear of something, and in those times, hysteria just happened to spread without an ounce of logic.

During the time in which the Salem Witch Trials began, many people has a heigtened fear of witched. Church was a big part of peoples lives, and to be considered a witch was the ultimate sin. So many people were against it, that when people started ebing accused, a widespread emotion of fear and paranoia began, causing choas all over. The weird thing about this though is that the accusations being made held no truth. This is why the Salem Witch Trials are so similar to the McCarthy Era.

During the McCarthy Era, communism was one of the great atrocities inlife. Many people feared and hated it, so when people started being accused of being communist, it caused a major hysteria. People all over did not know what to think, and just wanted it to go away; as in the...