Compare and contrast the four styles of creative intelligence and their influence on organizational decision making. Discuss how the five forces influence mental models/mindsets.

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Creative IntelligenceCreative intelligence the ability to see and adapt to new situations and solve them. An individual with creative intelligence is able to use innovative thinking and imagination to find new answers to old questions. These individuals think outside of the box and come up with new and different solutions to old problems. Creative intelligence includes four different styles that explain how individuals learn and view the world. A mental model or mindset is an individuals through process. Mindsets can have both positive and negative influences on individuals and organizations. It is important for the success of a team that individuals minimize the negative mindsets and focus on the positive.

Four Styles of Creative IntelligenceAccording to Alan Rowe (2004), "Creative Intelligence reflects how we perceive the world around us. It is concerned both with the way we do things and the outcome or results achieved." The four styles of creative intelligence are intuition, innovation, imagination, and inspiration.

Intuitive style focuses on past experiences for decision making. These individuals tend to be hold jobs such as managers, politicians, and actors. Innovative individuals use factual data to make decisions and solve problems. Inventors, engineers, and scientists are typically innovative. Imaginative deals with being able to think outside of the box by finding new opportunities. Typically artists, musicians, and writers are imaginative. Inspirational individuals focus on the social aspect of problem solving. These individuals lead by inspiring the group and tend to be educators, leaders, and writers.

These styles of creative intelligence have different ways of influencing an organization and decision making. Individuals with creative intelligence are open to new possibilities and willing to risk failure. These individuals work hard and are not necessarily looking for a reward. In an organization, a good idea is to mix the different intelligence styles in a...