Compare and contrast Joseph fomr the Bible, and Homer from the Odyssey

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There are two great heroes from history, one from the bible, and one from Homer's book The Odyssey. They both relied on a higher power to give them the abilities to do many things. More specifically they relied on the higher powers to confront family members that they have been separated from for many years. They also had to do something for the good of their families. Both men had a point in their lives that they had to reveal their true identity to their family, but each situation is very different. Both men were considered heroes, but for two very different things.

When it came time for Joseph to reveal himself to his brothers while they were in Egypt it was not any physical strength that enabled him to do so, but instead God was able to give Joseph the inner strength to let his brothers know who he really was.

Odysseus also had to reveal himself to a family member, his son Telemakhos. He was given his ability to show himself with a transformation of his physical body. He first met up with his son after about nineteen years in the form of an old beggar. This made it so that Odysseus could wait until the time was right to show himself to his son.

Both Odysseus and Joseph had to show themselves to their family members after many years, but there was one big difference in the situations. Joseph had to show himself to his brothers whom he had seen before in his adult years, and they had seen him. So when it came time for him to show himself it was not as hard for the brothers to believe. They had an idea of what he looked like. Joseph had taken on more of an...