Compare And Contrast Krapp's Last Tape and Death And The King's Horseman

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This paper compares and contrasts several elements of the two plays, Krapp’s Last Tape and Death and The King’s Horseman. The elements which will be compared and contrasted are basic introduction of each play, characters, styles and themes. The following paragraphs will talk about the mentioned elements in detail in order to provide a better comprehension of the main focus of this paper.

IntroductionTo start off with Krapp’s Last Tape, the central character Krapp has a firm belief that he has the ability to bring transition in the world by the help of his art. This may define the main character a bit, but this is not the central point of the play and instead the main attention is given to the prospect that how this belief of Krapp turned into something depressive and awful. Eventually Krapp discovers that it is not possible to change this world and therefore his art work will not put any positive impact on this world.

Beckett, the author, has presented an ironic piece by showing how Krapp devastates his time by owning such an excessive vision of changing the world. This play consists of simply one character and his dreams as being an artist and as someone who wants to do something fruitful for the world. Krapp signifies all those people who want to benefit other people, and are passionate about accomplishing their goals. Different people will have different opinion about the play and some may even think of Krapp as being an over dramatic character (“Krapp's Last Tape: Introduction”).

Among the many plays written by Wole Soyinka, Death and the King’s Horseman are thought by majority of the people as Soyinka’s best play. Soyinka was highly acclaimed for the way he blended Yoruban and European culture in form of poetic drama...