Compare and Contrast of Mike and David

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I will be comparing two individuals by the names of Mike and David on their overall attitude towards life, money, and their personal goals in life. Comparing is when you examine two or more objects, ideas, and/ or people in order to note similarities and differences.

Mike is a twenty-five year old man that you can just talk to and feel comfortable when you are around him. He has a carefree approach toward life and all it's quirky, unexpected, and sometimes frightening events such as losing your wallet or been involved in a car accident. You can tell Mike a joke and he will laugh even if it's not funny to most people. David on the other hand is very serious. He takes everything literally and never really takes the time to relax. If you tell David a joke, he will look at you quite dumbfounded and say, " I don't get it."

He over-analyzes things to the point that he loses sleep over particular issues, like wondering why people are so casual about how they spend their money.

Mike carries a nonchalant attitude towards his monetary status. When it comes to money, Mike will be the first person to offer financial support to someone having a financial crisis. Sometimes that gets him into trouble when he has to pay bills or life delivers an unexpected emergency. David's attitude toward money is to be a "penny- pincher." He will never offer to pay for anything unless he stands to benefit from the purchase. David is a productive businessman, he is never short on money when he has to pay bills and he always has a reserve account for emergencies. Mike always has friends around due to his easy-come, easy-go attitude toward money. David rarely has...