Compare and contrast the portrayals of marriage in Macbeth and “The Wife of Bath’s Tale.”

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Questions of Faith

Roman Catholic Church

Martin Luther

John Calvin

How can salvation be achieved?

- buying of indulgences

- Sacrament of penance

- Their faith and not by dead

- Divine grace

- Salvation comes from Jesus

- Through the five points of Calvinism.

What should be the role of the Church?

People would only get in heaven if the church let them. The church had to be powerful. The church did not pay taxes.

Gave people the opportunity to read God's word for themselves and distributes bible among the German people.

John believed the church should be poor. He wanted a church modeled on the church in apostolic times. There were no bishops. All minister were equal.

What role should the individual play in administrative and religious activities?

Believed the people should spend money that are of the congregation

Pray and put their faith in God and not pay indulgences.

Unconditional elections. God had divided humans into two groups.

Who or what should be the chief authority in matters concerning questions of the religion?

Catholic church believed the pope should be the authority.

The bible should be Chief Authority

Elder or council govern each church

What importance should be placed on sacraments, services and rituals?

Money is the most important when it comes to these things.

The importance of the teachings on the reformation church.

Thought they were of the utmost importance. He taught that a proper understanding of the Eucharist was necessary for salvation

Of what necessity was an ordained, celibate priesthood?

Believed to be the holiest state.

People should be faithful and the pope should be married.

Against general celibately. Wanted to pass on money and power. Calvin does not have a celibately priesthood.