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Families have different customs in different countries and these differences are related by several reasons such as the history of the country, the culture and the people's beliefs and religions.

Iranian families are similar to Japanese families in many aspects. Family members in Iran try to get together as much as possible and they like to spend all of their time with each other. In the past decade or so, privacy made no sense to Iranians at all. In a Japanese family as mentioned on page 189 "most striking feature of the Japanese house was lack of privacy, the lack of individual, inviolable space'' ,therefore I can relate to this aspect of Japanese culture because Iranian culture is very similar.

In an Iranian culture a wife has responsibility towards her husband, her children and her husband's family, and she has to be a good woman and a good wife.

She has to do household tasks the same way as the Japanese families. As mentioned on page 195 the wife did the same things "his wife went about her household tasks as briskly as ever". Another similarity in these two cultures is that Japanese families do have high level of respect for the elders in their family, and Iranians I believe have the same respect that Japanese people have for the elderly.

In an Iranian culture when a foreigner comes into the country, they are usually admired and looked upon very differently by the people, as if they were from another planet. In the Japanese culture they react in the same way as the Iranians when they see a foreigner. For example on page 194 it is said "At first they looked at him as if he had descended from another planet".

There are also differences among...