Compare and contrast w/Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison.

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Long ago there was time where, the room was lit by candle light. In everything one could do one needed a candle next to them to make it possible for it to be done. It was not until the birth of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison that this was changed forever. These two great men's inventions are what make our world today and without it, we would not be as advanced that we are. This will prove that there are many seminaries (interested in electricity, were both scientist and inventors, both improved the world) between Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison along with their differences (family valves, Benjamin involved in politics world, Thomas involved in social world), wrapping up with how the two scientists are more similar then different.

Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison can resemble each other in more ways then one. For both of the scientists, electricity was a great interest.

Franklin believed that lightning was electricity that came from the clouds. He believed this theory so much that he proposed an experiment to prove it. It would consist of attracting lightning to metal rods resulting in the invention of the lightning rod. Thomas Edison was known for his light bulb. Contrary to popular belief, Edison did not invent the light bulb, just improved a 50-year-old idea. It was Edison's interest in electricity that brought him to improve the light bulb. Secondly, both of these great men were not only scientist but at the same time inventors too. Benjamin Franklin will always be known for one of the most important inventions for mankind, Bifocals. This invention changed the lives of many people by the way they see and the convince of it. Not only did Franklin discover Bifocals but also the Lightning Rod, Catheter, and Franklin Stove. Thomas Edison...