Compare and contrast the way men are portrayed in two different film genres.

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Movies that are being discussed are "Billy Elliot" and "Remember the Titans" for a genre of drama, and on the other hand, Armageddon and Fight Club are being discussed in regards of an action genre. After viewing the four films, it is noticed that there are wide differences portrayed in men from the two genres present. It is clear that men within drama genres are portrayed as being ambitious and more feminine. It shows that they fight for their dreams and try their best to find what their hearts desire. On the contrary, action genres portray men as heroic as they show a high level of masculinity. They are the “lead” character within the movies and what they say goes.

Within drama genre movies, it takes on a slower and less aggressive point of view; it is to keep in mind that drama movies are for a totally different audience in comparison to action genres.

Action genres are for older and generally for audiences that want a “thrill” within what they watch. To achieve this, it is important to consider the actors and their every action while they are acting, for example; in Billy Elliot (Jamie Bell) an innocent looking child was used as a main character to help portray that this was a drama and clearly no drastic action was going to be placed. However if you observe within Armageddon a more matured looking character was used (Bruce Willis) as a main character and due to his appearances it would be clear to the audiences that this would be a suitable movie for more mature audiences.

In regards with the men and their relationship with women, men within drama genres are the more feminine they are the ones that show a more gentle side to...