Compare and Contrast WWI & WWII

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Compare and Contrast WWI & WWII

There are a lot of similarities and differences between the two world wars. A main factor, however, is that the events in the first world war basically caused most of the events to happen in the second world war. The two wars are very closely tied together and have a big relationship with each other.First off, some of the differences from the first world war to the second. If we compare the costs of the two world wars, the difference is outstanding. It is estimated that the First World War cost 380 billion dollars, while the Second World War cost 42,000 billion dollars.( That right there shows us how much bigger the Second World War was over the first.

The ways people fought in the First World War had very little in common with the way they fought in the Second World War.

World War I started the trend that there was no difference between the citizens of a nation and the military. World War II finishes off this trend by bombing and killing any member of a nation, including the normal citizen . Life did not matter as much in the Second World War. Trench warfare was dominant in the First World War, but bombings and sudden aerial attacks, with highly mobile armies took dominance in the Second World War . The Second World War was not greeted with the same frame of mind like the First World War was. This war had men and women remembering the horrors of the first. It had them entering the Second World War with determination and a better appreciation of the devastation that war could bring .There were also some similarities to both world wars. Both wars were started by threats to the balance of...