Compare and contrasting religions

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Compare and contrasting religions

One of the biggest things that compare in the western religions is that they all are monotheistic which means that they all believe in a single god they all refer to the same God worshiped by Jews, Christians and Muslims. They believe in different leaders in Christianity its Jesus and in Islam its Mohamed and finally in the Jewish religion its

The western religions are all from the same geographic origin, which is in the Middle East. Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea the prophet of Islam Mohamed, was born in a city in western Saudi Arabia and Judaism originated in Israel.

With the western religions they all have there holly books that they read from with the Jews it s the Hebrew bible and Christians it's the holy bible with Christians the Hebrew bible is called the old testament and the Jews don't believe in the new testament.

In Islam there holy book is called the Koran which includes Moses, the Hebrew prophet and lawgiver, and Jesus, whom Christians believe to be the son of God rather than a prophet.

With religions there are many different beliefs with Islam there is one belief; a persons achieve salvation on the five pillars of Islam and living a just life. In Judaism it is there is only one god who watches over and cares for its people the next is god loves and protects his people ,but also holds people accountable for their sins and short comings and the last is persons serve god by studding the torah and by living by its teachings. And with Christianity its similar with Judaism in Christianity is there is one god who watches over and cares for his people the next is Jesus was the son of god he...