Compare the basic feature of Greek religion and Christianity

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Paper Topic: Compare the basic feature of Greek Religion with Christianity

Greek religion is one of most significant religions during the period of BC in the western countries; it can be seen throughout the Iliad of Homer. Christianity is one of the most influential religions in the modern western cultures. Both religions share a very similar feature of one another, for example: the belief in gods or God, sacrifice and funeral rites. Nevertheless, other than the similarities, each also has differences. Divinities are the most important element of Greek religion and much emphasis is placed on pleasing the gods in order to live a life free of oppression and hardship. The Greeks believe that they have to worship and please the gods in order to have good fortune. Christians pray for their sins and the forgiveness of their sins from God, in the hope that they will be in heaven after their death.

Greek religion as indicated in Homer's Iliad, believes in many gods, creating a polytheistic society. The gods are anthropomorphic, having human character and behavior. The Greeks believed that the gods controlled natural and social forces and resided on Mount Olympus. Each has a specific 'power' and 'title'. For example, Zeus, lord of Olympos (1.508), the king of the gods in Greek religion, claims neutrality in the mortals' conflict and often tries to keep the other gods from participating in it. However, he throws his weight behind the Trojan side for much of the battle after the sulking Achilles has his mother, Thetis, of the ocean (18.145), a sea-nymph, to ask Zeus giving Achilles the honor to settle his anger (1.419-27). Hera, Zeus's wife and sister, of the ox eyes (18.356-57) is a conniving, headstrong woman. She often goes behind Zeus's back in matters on which...