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As we all know, cd-rom and cd disk is widely used in almost every area of human society to record valuable data or information , we can come across many kind of CD-ROM such as: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, VCD, DVD ect. What is the difference and how they differ between these sort of CD-ROM is the topic we are going to discuss.



THE invention of CD is a great revolution of data record and storage ,it can content far more than a floppy disc and it is much smaller than a hard driver ,even though the hard driver has larger capacitance ,so people can carry the data or information they need much easier. But in the early days CD-disc is not recordable ,it means user just can read the information from disk, by using some equipment, only.

What if they wish to write some information into a CD-DISK? CD-R is the answer of this question. The surface of a CD disc is a piece of chemical dope ,many pits are distributed on it which is used to change the laser refractive index of the surface , and these pits are physically what data like on a disc in another word these pits are the information or data we need. The surface of a CD-R disc is smooth there are no pit on it ,CD-R diver use different sort of laser, which has different wave length, to burn pits onto the surface, then data was stored on a cd-r disc. CD-RW is the improvement of CD-R , the surface is made by some different material so that it can be burn several times , then data can be created and remove many times just as a...