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School Systems in Austria and America All over the world, there are various types of school systems. Each system contains rules, guidelines, and curriculums that separate it from the rest. In this essay I will be comparing the Austrian and American school systems. Three things that separate the two systems that I will be discussing are, faculty strictness, time spent in school, and the difficulty of the academic programs.

The faculty in Austrian schools differs greatly from the faculty in American schools. In Austria, if students show up even one minute late, they usually are not allowed to enter class. Students are not given the chance to miss a certain number of classes, instead they are punished for each class missed. In America, most schools give students a number of classes that can me missed, before consequences come in to affect. The workload in Austrian schools tends to be heavier than in American schools, because their lever of education is set at a higher standard.

Also, teachers in Austria are observed various times throughout the school year, and depending on their impression to the observer, can easily lose their job.

Another difference between the two school systems is the time spent in school. In Austria, students attend school from 8:30am- 12:00pm, six days a week, whereas students in America attend school for approximately seven hours and only five days a week. This is also a reason why the workload in Austrian school tends to be heavier, considering the small amount of time they spend in the classrooms.

Academic programs in Austria are considered to be harder than the academics in America. One reason for this is that in Austria, students usually end up attending Universities outside of Austria. Therefore, they would need to receive a diploma that most...