Compare & Contrast - Thomas Jefferson & Eleanor Roosevelt.

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Nothing can shape your life more than the drive and desire to become successful. Everyone's life has its obstacles, but if you can disregard all the unpleasant things that have happened and give it everything that you've got, you can overcome these obstacles. Thomas Jefferson and Eleanor Roosevelt are probably two of the most recognizable people in America's history. They were two legendary people who have helped pave the way for future Americans, but their roads to success were fairly different. Thomas Jefferson and Eleanor Roosevelt were both born into prestigious, upper class families. But unlike Jefferson's parents, Roosevelt's parents would often neglect her or ridicule her. Her mother was Anna Hall, a wealthy and beautiful woman but extremely cold-hearted. Because Roosevelt didn't possess her mother's beauty and grace, her mother would deride her by calling her "granny" and "ugly duckling." Her father was Elliott Roosevelt, part of the acclaimed Roosevelt family of New York.

He was an alcoholic, whose problem got out of control, and was soon banished from the Roosevelt family. Her self-confidence as a child and a young adult was immensely shaken by these experiences. Jefferson on the other hand, had loving and caring parents who took care of him. His father, Peter Jefferson, was a successful planter and surveyor who gained minor fame as an explorer and mapmaker. He served as a burgess and as county lieutenant. Jefferson would later hold the same offices. After the death of his father, Jefferson inherited 5,000 acres of land on which his future home, the Monticello would be built. Through his mother, Jane Randolph, a member of one of the most famous Virginia families, Thomas was related to many of the most prominent people in the province.

Jefferson and Roosevelt had superior educations compared to other children of...