Compare the movie "The Bad Seed" and the novel "The Fifth Child", and write how they are the same.

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The novel The Fifth Child, and the movie The Bad Seed, prove that a mother's love is stronger than any other love.

A mother will never stop loving their kids no matter what they do. In the novel, The Fifth Child Harriet knew that there was something different about her pregnancy with Ben but she didn't give up on him. When the baby was born, they describe how monstrous he looks and how he empties Harriet breast milk in a couple of minutes. The children and everybody that comes to the house always stay away from Ben especially when they bring pets over the house because they know that Ben will kill it. Harriet still put Ben first above everybody.

When the family was talking about putting Ben in an institute Harriet was the only one that disagrees with them and even when they finally did put him in an institute, Harriet was still having doubts thinking about what they are doing to him.

Finally, Harriet decides to go see him, "I'm going to see what they're doing to Ben" (77). Harriet felt guilty after Ben has been taken to the Institution. As his mother she recognizes no matter how terrible Ben's existence has made their family life, she still loves him, even in spite of his violent and disturbance. Her love and compassion give her no peace until she goes to see Ben. Even though the outcome is sure to destroy her family, she can't stand not knowing Ben's condition. Also, in The Bad Seed it shows how a mother protects her child from murder even though it was wrong. "She killed him, but she's my little girl and I love her" (LeRoy). Christine knew her daughter killed the little boy Claude Daigle and she got Rhoda...