Compare the "Murder Scene" and the "Banquet Scene" in the Polanski video with the same scenes in the "Macbeth On The Estate" video, with interpretation of Shakespeare's language.

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I am comparing two key scenes of two different productions of Macbeth. The first is by Roman Polanski and the second is called "Macbeth On The Estate". Roman Polanski's version is true to the play. It is set in the same time and all the clothes and language are as they would have been back then. "Macbeth On The Estate" is a modern day adoption of the play. It is set in a council estate, and is about a gang war and the characters carry guns and wear modern day clothes.

In the murder scene in the Polanski version, it is set in a castle, and Polanski uses a thunderstorm to set the atmosphere. This is pathetic fallacy. In this version, Duncan was portrayed as a kind, gentle old man, yet a little naïve. Macbeth stands on his balcony thinking about whether to kill Duncan, then finally decides against it.

"That we but teach bloody instructions, which being taught return to plague the inventor"

"We shall proceed no further in this business"

He tells Lady Macbeth he isn't going to do it. After this, Lady Macbeth begins to mock Macbeth and belittle him. She questions his manhood and she "nags" him. She has a worried voice and is crying as Lady Macbeth follows him through the party. She is saddened and disappointed and tries to make him feel guilty.

"I dare do all that may become a man; who dares do more is none"

Macbeth says he is a man, but what if they fail. Lady Macbeth reassures him and tells him that they won't fail.

"But screw your courage to the sticking place and we'll not fail"

Macbeth imagines there is a dagger before him. It is an apparition, but we can see the image of the dagger...