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Population- comparative study

The PRB 2012 World Population Data Sheet shows some figures of population ,in order to analyze it ,I chose three countries-China, Australia and India to discuss their similarities and differences about the population.

When comparing China, Australia and India, there are some similarities and differences in the total population. Initially, the population in China and India is similar, but in Australia it is much more smaller, with only 22 million people, compared to China with 1.35 billion and India 1.26 billion.[, 2012] This means that Australia's population is only 1.7% of China's and 1.8% of India's. Then Australia and India has the same rate of population growth, at 1.5%. This is very different to China, which is only 0.5% that is only one-third of the growth rate in Australia and India.[, 2012] This difference can be explained by China's 'One child policy' and in the fact that fertility rates in developed countries like Australia has declined since the late 1960's.['The

world at six billion', p6]

Population ageing is a phenomenon that occurs when the median age in a country or region rises due to rising life expectancy and/or declining birth rates. [, population aging] In India, the birth rate is 2.2%; it's higher than China's (1.2%) and Australia's (1.4%). [, 2012] it is estimated that by 2050 the population of Australia and India will increase to 33 million and 1.69 billion separately, but China will reduce to 1.31 billion.[, 2012] As well as lower birth rates in developed countries like Australia, the number of people over 65 years old is increasing. In Australia there are more than 14% of its population is in this age range, compared to China and India, which have 9% and 5% respectively.[, 2012] China and India have the same life expectancy...