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In order to understand the purpose and significance of the integrated communication process, it is useful to compare to brand within the same product category. This report seeks to provide an understanding of the effectiveness on campaign strategies. In doing so, a critique of the contrasting creative strategy and communication objectives will be attained. An insight on target market and market partitioning approach comes into the scope of this report.

Product Category

The product category chosen is food/drink product, especially on beer product. The following two brands are both from foreign market, with high reputation in Asian and Europe respectively.

Our Tiger Beer campaign was "Discover the tiger" sourced from The Face (February 2003) (See Appendix A).

The competing brand for comparison will be the "Reassuringly Expensive" campaign from Stella Artois done by BBDO, which was an award-winning ad on several advertising ceremony. (See Appendix B)

Communication Objectives

Since Tiger Beer is unfamiliar to Western market, the objective here mainly focuses on brand awareness to the target customer.

Encouraging consumers who have never try our brand to try it by using a creative headline. In this sense, our brand is informing target customers the existence of our brand, try to penetrate into the Western market. We aimed to change the target market's image of Asian brand and move consumers through to purchase. In fact, Asian beer brand are rarely advertised on Western countries magazines, Tiger Beer wish to differentiate itself from other foreign competitors through the message "Discover the tiger". Which achieve a high awareness by leaving a question mark to most of the reader.

The communication objectives for Stella Artois include brand attitude and brand recognition. As this beer has been on the market for a long time, advertising has moved from brand awareness to brand recognition, it...