Compare two articles explain how they are simialar and different

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Comparison of primary and secondary articles

Primary and secondary articles differ in various ways. Organizations of materials in primary literatures are more detailed and they all follow a precise format: Introduction, methods and/or materials, results and conclusion plus abstract and conclusion. Secondary articles however don't have a precise layout. The primary articles are prepared by the scientist who did the original research and the details given are very precise, but secondary articles discuss a topic in a broad format, in which the data have been collected from various sources and put together into a finished material. The breadths of topic for primary articles are usually very defined and competent but secondary articles may not be very competent and strictly defined due to the gathering of various information from various authors. Primary literatures follow the American Psychological Association (APA) style, but a secondary article may very well follow the APA style also.

A primary article is very formal and is intended for scientists, scholars and professionals in the particular field of research, but the secondary article is written for the vast majority and it's not very formal and it can be understood by people other than professionals.