Compares "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller, and "the McCarthy hearings".

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Chaos to be Repeated

Its funny when we look back on ourselves and let the same mistake

happen again, just like the Salem witch trials, which were retold in the book The

Crucible, and the McCarthy hearings. Although they are not exactly the same

they have many similarities. The Salem witch trials were started by a little girl

that was having an affair with her boss and when he stopped the affair she

accused his wife of being a witch to get back at her. During the McCarthy

hearings people started getting accused of being a communist because of the

scare that there were spies from Russia that looked and acted just like normal

Americans that wanted to use their intelligence and nuclear weapons against us.

In both of those events there were scrutinizing questions and accusations that

were completely bogus. Its a wonder that we let history repeat itself in another

form. In both the Salem witch trials in the 1600's , and in the 1950's with the

McCarthy hearings well known and important people were accused, the officials

pressured people to confess and give names, and people just stood there and

watched all this happed.

Very important and famous people were accused that were innocent in both

The Crucible and the McCarthy hearings. In The Crucible Rebecca Nurse, probably

the holiest person in Salem at that time, was accused of being a witch. People

could not believe that because if she was to be accused then what did that mean

for the rest of them? In a conversation with Mr. Nurse Reverend Hale said

"Believe me, Mr. Nurse if Rebecca Nurse be tainted, then nothings left to stop

the whole green world from burning."(The Crucible, Pg. 71) Almost the same thing

happened in the 1950's with...