Comparing How 2 Forms Of Media Cover Terrorism

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The War Against Terrorism in the Post and in the Times A reliable source of media in which the average American can turn to, to get information each and everyday is the newspaper. Whether it be to find out who won last night's game at Madison Square Garden or just to take a look at the horoscopes, newspapers are a part of the lives of millions across the nation. Unlike with television news, newspapers give us the option of choosing which news stories we want to hear about. And with a variety of different types of news stories, we have more options on what we want to read, although the front page is always so inviting. Not only do the newspapers inform us on what's going on around the world, but it enforces the way we think on certain issues, and sometimes even changes the way we think. A major contribution to this is what the different newspapers decide to print and how they decide to portray a certain story or issue.

By analyzing and comparing two well known newspapers such as The New York Times and The Washington Post, one can com to conclusion of the characteristics on what type of stories or issues they report on and the type of people they are trying to appeal to. Over a period of five weeks, the issue of "The War Against Terrorism"� in both The New York Times and The Washington Post were closely observed to come to the following conclusions.

a) How do the two papers differ in the way they cover the same story? Do they report the same facts, or do they emphasize different issues? Although the issue of the war on terrorism was being addressed in both newspapers, what they reported on and how they...