Comparing Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin during the holocaust

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Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were two men who lived no where near each other yet the led similar lives. Not only did Hitler and Stalin kill millions of people they also had difficult childhoods, suffer from extreme paranoia, and experience troublesome relationships with women. Even though they were known to be enemies Hitler and Stalin had the same views on running their countries.

When Hitler and Stalin were young boys they both lived in small villages and were beaten by their fathers. Stalin's mother wanted him to become a priest, while Hitler had wanted to become a priest; they also both sang in their church quires. Hitler and Stalin had low self esteem because Stalin was only 5'4" and was scarred from small pox, while Hitler was unhappy with his "Jewish nose". Hitler and Stalin were both artistic in their own ways, Hitler liked to draw and Stalin was a poet.

Both Hitler and Stalin were mama's boys and when Hitler's mother died he blamed it on the Jewish people.

Hitler and Stalin both suffered from paranoia. Stalin was diagnosed with paranoia and Hitler was on meds and his medical records showed drug toxicity. Because of their paranoia they both erased parts of the past. Stalin blacked out faces in pictures of people who were killed, and Hitler wanted to erase his Jewish past by eliminating all Jewish people. Hitler thought that he had to seize power and that he had to eliminate all enemies. Stalin also saw enemies everywhere and when the Soviet Unions old ruler died he wanted power. Both Stalin and Hitler's paranoia led them to horrible relationships with all women.

Hitler and Stalin both degraded women. Hitler lived with his niece and was jealous of her relationships with men. She also had a Jewish boyfriend...