Comparing and Contrasting Highland Park and Oak Cliff

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I. Introduction

Two very visually distinct neighborhoods, Highland Park, where the average income is $80,000 and Oak Cliff, where its $35,000; how different are they really. One walks into Highland Park and sees stores, people driving, and houses with kids playing outside. Now on the other hand one sees Oak Cliff and one sees the exact same components such as stores, people driving, and houses with kids playing outside. They seem to be very similar but yet so different. In general, they are because they all seem to have basically the same basic units that make up a community like the stores, people, cars, houses and kids but the difference is the kind of stores, people, cars, houses and kids. Highland Park is known as a highly respected and prestigious neighborhood filled with wealthy people of high wealth standards and on the other hand there is Oak Cliff, a neighborhood known for its high crime rate, robberies and filled with gangsters, basically known as the "ghetto".

The informants by simple looks look like complete opposites just in their way of dressing and even more when the language comes out their mouth. These two neighborhoods are truly distinct but they do not seem to hold much similarity beyond sight. Well the interesting part is that I, myself, have lived in both areas moving from the "ghetto" to the "rich" area. It was very cultural shocking to me due to the fact that I moved from the "ghetto" to the "suburbs". It was a very different sight from the people I saw to the lifestyle. It was such a drastic change but wanting to find out how different they really are I went along to complete my mission.

II. Methods

Standing outside my house taking a view at the streets...