Comparing and Contrasting Islam vs. Christianity

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The religions of Christianity and Islam are two very different religions with different beliefs and life styles, but are also alike in many ways. Each are the largest religions in the world, having over one billion followers in each.

Islam's prophet was a man named Muhammad. Muhammad took many great interests in religion, and spent most of his time praying and meditating. When he was about 40, Muhammad's life changed after hearing the voice of the angel Gabriel. Gabriel told Muhammad that he was the messenger of God. The God of Islam was Allah.

In their holy book, the Qua'ran, there are 5 pillars in which you must follow to be a Muslim. Those 5 pillars are Faith, Prayer, Alms, Fasting, and Pilgrimage. To be faithful, you must believe that there is only one God, in which is Allah. For prayer, you must pray 5 times a day to bring them selves closer to God.

An Alm is where Muslims is where all Muslims must support the less fortunate by giving alms, or money to the poor. Fasting is during the Holy Month of Ramadan where the Muslims eat and drink nothing between dawn and sunset. A very little meal is eaten at the end of the day. Fasting reminds the Muslims that they have greater needs than bread. Pilgrimage is where all Muslims must perform a hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime. You are to wear identical garments that all stand equally before God.

Islam has only one Holiday that lasts for one month. That is known as Ramadan. Through this month, Muslims don't eat or drink from dawn to sunset. They do this to show obedience, humility, and self-control. The most important night of Ramadan is the Night of Power. This is the...