Comparing and contrasting Short Stories: "Good Country People" and "Revelation"

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Mary Flannery O'connor wrote two short stories entitled "Good Country People" and "Revelation". O'conner displays similarities between the characters and the differences in the role they play at the end of their stories. Inside the two short stories are four characters, Joy and Manly Pointer from "Good country people" and Mary Grace and Mrs. Turpin from "Revelation".

Consider the similarities between Joy and Mary Grace, the nineteen-year-old teenager with sever acne problems. O'conner describes both women having bright vividly blue eyes. Her eyes icy blue, with the look of someone who has achieved blindness by an act and means to keep it (O'conner, Country 417). Like Joy, Mary Grace's eyes become brilliantly blue when she attacks Mrs. Turpin with her thick blue book. They seemed a much lighter blue than before as if a door that had been tightly closed behind them was now open to admit light and air (O'conner, Revelation 452).

She also describes Joy as being a large woman with an apparent affliction. Joy was her daughter, a large blonde girl who had an artificial leg (O'conner, Country 416). Mary Grace's description is the same. Next to her was a fat girl of eighteen or nineteen, scowling into a thick blue book which Mrs. Turpin saw was entitled Human Development (O'conner, Revelation 444).

Although Joy and Mary Grace compare immensely, they contrast drastically in age and roles played in their stories. Examine the differences between Joy and Mary Grace. Joy is a much older woman than Mary Grace. It was hard for Mrs. Hopewell to realize that her child was thirty-two now and that for more than twenty years she had had only one leg (O'conner, Country 418). O'conner characterizes Mary Grace as A teenager of eighteen or nineteen years old. The final contrast between...