Comparing and Contrasting: Windows File System

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There are many type of Windows Operation System that use in computers. Microsoft had made a big changed for the Graphic User Interface (GUI) from original Windows 3.1 when they released Windows 95 to Windows 2000, to Windows XP and the next release in the few months will be Windows Vista that Microsoft said it accomplish tasks faster, with a rich new interface and new ways to organize and find the information stored on the PC. In the following, I will do the comparing and contrasting for various types of Windows OS such as Windows 95/98, Windows 2000/NT and Windows XP.

Windows 98 is a release from Windows 95, it adds a number of improvements, fixes, and interface tweaks. Windows 98 file management organizes folders and files in a hierarchical system. The drive is the highest level of the hierarchy; user can put all the files on the drive without creating any folders, it like putting all of the papers in a file cabinet without organizing them into folders.

It works fine if you have only a few files, but as the number of files increases, there comes a point at which things become very difficult to find. So you create folders and put related material together in folders. It has a task manager to manager all the applications and task ran on the operating system. Memory management in Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition (WinME) is dramatically improved over what existed in Windows 95.

VCache is used to store previously used code and data that Windows thinks might be needed again. If the code or data is just flushed from memory but is then needed again, it has to be read anew from the hard drive when it is again needed. An improvement in VCache management in...