Comparing Buddha and Jesus' lives and Ideas.

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Throughout history there have been many wise and noble men who have lead the human race in many different directions. These men include Ancient Athenian Socrates, American Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., Indian philosopher and founder of Buddhism, The Buddha, and the central figure of Christianity, Jesus. All of these men had many similar traits and ideas. All of these men spoke of very noble ideas such as humility, justice, and peace. However, two of these men's words have reached more people than the other three combined and have more influence on today's world than any other two people in history. Jesus and The Buddha have surprisingly similar teachings and lives. Its amazing how men who lived over 500 years apart from each other in different parts of the world could have had such similar experiences and thoughts.

The Gospels according to Mark, Luke, John, and Matthew seem to be the only reliable sources on the life of Jesus.

These Gospels are part of the New Testament, which were written at the end of the first century. In addition to the Gospels, the letters of Paul and the Acts of the Apostles also contain important information about the life of Jesus. The lack of additional sources caused many scholars in the nineteenth century to doubt the existence of Jesus, but today scholars generally agree that Jesus did exist and lived. According to Luke's Gospel, Jesus was conceived by a divine miracle and was born in Bethlehem and is said to be a descendant of king David. At age 12 it is said that Jesus was found in the temple by worried parents (Mary and Joseph) who were told that he amazed all by his understanding and answers to questions asked to him. However, between the age 12...