Comparing the Follower and Poem at 39!

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These two poems are both based around the righter father, but in poem at thirty nine the father is not around he could be dead or just not with his daughter, were as in the follower he is there and his son admires and looks up to him.

The main points in the follower are: The son of the father in the follower follows in his fathers steps and becomes a farmer like his dad but in the end the roles are reversed so it's the father following the son like he did when he was young. But in poem at 39 it is les focused on one point of the father's life it has a more widened approach, the righter in poem at 39 seems to be missing her father because he is away somewere or he is dead.

I belive that the Follower isds told by a young child that goes out in to the fields and follows his dad as he ploughs the fields, (as he follows in his wake,) it tells the storie of hes fathers job and life.

Were As in poem at 39 I think the voice is a middle aged woman at about 39 years of age, hense the title. I think it is a woman because it is a uch more sensitve poem than than the follower.

The tone in the follower is a very pround and pleased tone at the start, I think this refers to his feelings toward hisfather. In poem at 39 there is a sensitive and sdend tone because 'she' misses her father and wishes he was still around, by the end of the Follower the tone has changed to a selfish begrudging tone, because he doesn't like his father following, I think this is very hipocrytical!...