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Who should rule? Karl Marx has apparently pondered this same question, and in which manifested ideas; concepts which I have acknowledged long before I even considered reading his work. For I have grown and become more educated about the world around me, and more conscious of its prejudiced governments. Capitalism is an ideal example of the bourgeois employing its political supremacy solely for the exploitation of the proletariat. However, as indicated by Marx, like all preceding political systems this too is bound for eventual failure. If the bourgeois is compelled to fall, will the proletariat be the subsequent ruling class, or will the economy descend into chaos. In order to derive a solution to who should take responsibility for state affairs, prior and existing governing systems must be scrutinized.

The initial form of government to be analyzed is an autocracy. There exists a single sovereign, one who takes complete authority over an entire nation.

It is a fairly efficient system, however, usually at a high price for the public. In many instances the people live with harsh injustices where individual opinions are prohibited. Not only is this harsh for the populace but it's equally appalling for the dictator. Although appearing to be omnipotent, the despot is truly otherwise. Adhering to the cry of the public is a must; for fear of being overthrown is a flowing stream of paranoia. Furthermore, in severe circumstances, eliminating all who pose a potential threat is essential. Overall, dictatorships lack social stability, and are consequently futile.

Democracies have proven to be more prosperous, by allowing the community improved living standards. In a democratic state nonetheless, there is prevalent likelihood for class struggle given there is free trade. However, unlike feudal times, lower classes have the opportunity for education; a very powerful weapon in the crusade...