Comparing Greed Allende And Garcia Marquez

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Comparative Essay The House of the Spirits No One Writes To the Colonel The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende and No One Writes To the Colonel by Garcia Marquez are stories of many similarities. One of the most prominent likenesses found in these pieces of literature is the theme of greed and gluttony. Each story has character that represents the burning desire for money, power and self-indulgence. In The House of the Spirits these traits are shown in Esteban Trueba, while in No One Writes To the Colonel they are shown in Sabas. Through out the respective stories, the greed and gluttony expressed by these characters is the cause of their wealth and power, but is also responsible for their inner-turmoil and negative perception by the society in which they live. From a distance it appears that Trueba and Sabas are within reach of all their goals, while a closer look reveals that the personal relationships they most desire are hindered by the very ambition that lifted them to their high places in society.

In The House of the Spirits, Esteban Trueba was born into a family of poverty. With his family's money having been dwindled away by his father, Trueba was left almost penniless, loathing over the wealth he should have had. As a young man Trueba decides to take the money he has made for his mother, and use it to by an expensive drink from a little café. In the book, Allende condemns Trueba for his greed when his desired beverage is spilled before the cup even touched his lips. Allende does well to convince the reader of the bad nature of greed while still allowing them to feel sympathy towards Trueba. On the one hand, one can't help but feel sorry towards...