Comparing "Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad" and its film adaptation "Apocalypse Now" by Francis Ford Coppola.

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All adaptations are not created equally. According to Absolute Shakespeare ., "sixty one film adaptations and twenty one TV adaptations alone have been made of Hamlet, the earliest being in 1907 and the latest in 2000" Many adaptations do not even come close to what an adaptation should be. The closer they come to portraying the original Authors' views, the better that adaptation is. Francis Ford Coppola adapted Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness to the big screen and called it Apocalypse Now. He blended a conventional war film with the themes of Heart of Darkness, making it one of the greatest films of all time. Coppola incorporated all the characteristics of a great adaptation to make his adaptation of Heart of darkness a very effective adaptation as well as a great film.

Many films claim to be an adaptation of a novel, but I do not believe all can actually be called an adaptation without having certain characteristics.

In general, Authors are not in the business to make money, but to put their ideas and beliefs on paper. Authors have a different purpose for writing a novel, then do Screen Writers. Weather it's to tell a story or to inform, Authors usually do not do it for the money. As a result there is not a monetary need to appeal to a wide-ranging audience. They can focus on a narrower group of readers. Directors usually make films to make money; after all it costs a lot more to make a film than it does to write a novel. They try to make films to appeal to a much larger audience, so they can get a greater return on their huge investment. They want to produce films that will attract and entertain all types of audiences. People usually watch films to...