Comparing the "Little red riding hood" and the" Paper bag princess tales".

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Women's struggle for identity, unfortunately, often continues to be associated with beauty. Young children continue to learn, through reading fairy tales such as the sleeping beauty, Cinderella, and etc that prettiness often leads to success. These stories illustrate the theme of beauty as the key to happiness. Although the paper bag Princess portrays the princess as a stronger character, the issue of beauty is still a focus towards the end. It's so refreshing to find a book that puts the female character not only as the hero, but who can stand on her own. There are several "messages" at work in this book which are positive reinforcements for girls of all ages. This story sends an assuring message to readers about women's potential to break through sex-stereotyping. This story also introduces a positive image of an empowered woman for children and adult alike. I love the messages in this story and also the unexpected un-fairy-tale like twist at the end.

I highly recommend it for all young children.

Little red riding hood on the other hand, teaches a good moral to all young children that is children should listen to elders and should never talk to strangers. If they should talk to strangers (in this case wolf), they might get themselves in trouble. There are various kinds of wolves in our society. There are also those who are quiet, polite, and sweet, who follow/hunt young women at home and in the streets. And unfortunately, it is these gentle wolves who are the most dangerous ones of all. One of the gender issue mentioned in this story is that men are stronger and it is their duty to save women from any harm. For example, it is the hunter who shot the wolf and saved the girl and her grandma. This...