Comparing the movie "Awakenings" with the book "Charlie"

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The movie "Awakenings" Is about a boy who slowly slows down until his brain is oblivious to his surroundings. The book "Charlie" Is about a mentally challenged man who undergoes a surgery to make his intelligence increase to the norm, except it increases to the point of brilliancy. Both Charlie and Leonard learned to appreciate the smaller things in life as a result of what they went threw. The intelligence that Charlie obtained and Leonard's eyes being opened to the world were a result of an experiment, and both lasted but a short time despite the struggle to keep what they had. After watching the movie and book it is easy to see that, though there are some similarities, Leonard and Charlie are extremely different.

Leonard, for thirty years of his life, was cut off from the world, unaware that it existed, unaware that he existed, and like a plant he was insentient.

He contracted the disease when he was a boy of about 9 years old, and went to the state of insentiency. He realizes this when he awakens, and glances at the picture that the doctor had taken of him, he ran to the mirror to find that he had aged. Though Charlie was not "normal," he had feelings, knew he was alive, he could interact with the people around him. He worked at a donut shop where he swept and cleaned, and liked to spend time joking around with his coworkers, looking around the corner to see if it was raining. Charlie, though he may not have understood what was going on around him, remembered events and how he was treated after the surgery, and began to comprehend what had went on when he was mentally disabled.

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