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Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allen Poe are both great, talented poets but they have different styles. One of Emily Dickinson's famous poems is called "Because I could not stop for death" and one of the most popular poem written by Edgar Allen Poe is "Annabel Lee". Because I could not stop for death are very different yet similar poems.

Because I could not stop for death and Annabel Lee are written by different authors but they are still very similar. Both poems have to do with death. Annabel Lee had died and the woman in Emily's poem also died. These poems also rhyme but the poem by Poe had a rhyme scheme and rhymed more.

Because I could not stop for death and Annabel Lee are both poems but these poems are very different. The poem by Dickinson had personification and Annabel Lee didn't use any met

Because I could not stop for death is about a woman who is in a carriage with Death who has takes the form of a man.

The woman passes through town and watches kids play. It then gets cold and she found her grave. This represents her passage to heaven. The mood of this poem starts peaceful. It is about death and the poet obviously liked death. Emily Dickinson also used personification to make death look like a human.

The Poem Annabel Lee is a very romantic but sad poem about a man who loved a woman called Annabel Lee. Annabel Lee died and it might have been the angels who were jealous of their strong love. The man loved her so much that he thinks of her everyday and even goes inside her tomb. This poem is a romantic one and it has a rhyme scheme. It...