Comparing, Saving Private Ryan vs Band of brothers

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The comparisons between two films that directed by Steven Spielberg and show how these two films have similarity to each other. The chosen films are call "Saving Private Ryan" and Band of Brothers. Both films are about World War II and the last 100 years has been a time of warfare. In the year between 1939-1945, the most horrific times in the broad range of human conflict ever seen by mankind with unmatched weapons of destruction and the senseless slaughter of millions of lives both on and off the fields of battle

Saving Private Ryan


Saving Private Ryan tells the story of a United States Army captain, during World War II, is sent on a special mission in Europe is he and his team are to find and bring home a young soldier named Private Ryan because Ryan's brothers have been killed fighting the war, making him the last surviving son in the family so the U.S.

government thus wants him pulled out of the combat zone.

Special effect

The Most impressive skills, the director Spielberg used the hand held camera in many scenes it's into battle, invisible digital effect and complete with constantly changing shutter speed, frenzied shots of action and the film's sound effect will leave a permanent impression on your brain as bullets hit their mark.

The audience witnesses the most graphic, terrifying sequence ever made: a soldier in shock picks up his own severed arm, another dies before our eyes, screaming for his mother.


This film was released in the United States on 24 July 1998 audiences responded well to the movie and it hit to number one in the box office with 30 million dollar. To this date it has made more then 200 million dollars and Steven Spielberg, as...