Comparing two different techniques to resolve conflicts

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Resolutions for Conflicts

One day Jimmy got on his bus and saw that Bob was in his normal seat. Jimmy politely asked Bob to scoot over so he could sit there too but Bob was a troublemaker, so he started to yell at Jimmy.

In the above scenario, Jimmy could solve this conflict in many ways. He could try to solve it himself or he could seek advice from expert problem solvers. One great expert is Dr. Robert Bolton. He prescribes a three-step process for resolving conflicts (218). Another great expert at resolving conflicts is the Women's Online Business Center (WBC). They also recommend a strategy that is similar to Bolton's.

Dr. Bolton's three steps are very simple. The first step is, "Treat the other person with respect"(218). This step is perhaps the easiest to follow. To follow this rule all Jimmy would have to do is not interrupt Bob when he is speaking.

The second step in Bolton's process is "Listen until you experience the other side" (220). Jimmy can achieve this step by giving Bob positive feedback after he his done talking. Finally, the last step in Bolton's process is to "State your views, needs, and feelings" (220). Jimmy should state why he wants to sit there, and maybe they can come to a compromise. If not, Jimmy can always go to the second expert.

The WBC has four main points on now to solve conflicts. The first is to "Not attack the person." This means that Jimmy should not start yelling back at Bob. He should just wait it out and hope that Bob realizes his mistake. The next point made by the WBC is "Take a few minutes to step in their shoes." Jimmy should try to understand the conflict from Bob's point of view.