Comparing two documentaries,One day in September and Nanook of the north (modern and old)

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These documentaries were produced in different decades, firstly One day in September was released on the 4th September 2000, and this was a documentary on the tragic events of the Munich Olympics.

The second documentary I watched was Nanook of the north, a story of an Inuit and his family's life. This documentary is said to be the first feature length documentary ever, it was released in the USA in 1922. The documentary looks at real life situations the family come up against living in North Pole; it is a story of love, life and survival.

The Olympic Games in 1972 were in Munich, at these games the tragic events that produced the one day in September documentary. The film is about a group of Palestinian's who kidnapped 12 of the Israeli athletes at the Olympics. The documentary is produced through archive material and interviews. The documentary on Nanook of the North is the complete opposite because all the images were put together at the same time and were produced in 1922.

If a past event documentary was produced today we would not be able to attract the audience without archive material to back up the evidence and points.

Nanook of the north is in black and white due to the time it was produced, but colour was not produced until Disney's first film of Snow white made almost a decade after. The one day in September archive footage is in colour but not perfect condition because the event happened in the 70's and the footage was used 30 years later, where today technology has improved.

Nanook of the north is one continuous story with short pauses for information to flash up so we understand what is happening. There was no sound in this documentary, although sound make documentaries...