Comparing the two masterpieces: Migrant Mother by (Dorothea Lange) AND Madonnas and Angelic Children by (Cameron)

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Comparison of the two images by two different photographers:Migrant Mother by (Dorothea Lange) AND Madonnas and Angelic Children by (Cameron)[IMG][/IMG]Photographs play a crucial role in our society. The photograph is a highly efficient means of cultural communication; it has the advantages of credibility, easy mass distribution, and instant convertibility into a symbol. With their enormous capacity to contain, compress, and symbolize events or ideologies, photographs become the signs and signposts of modern society. In these two photographs by “Julia Margaret Cameron” and “Dorothea Lange”, the renowned photographers have tried to show the bonding between child and mother(motherhood).

Dorothea Lange photograph of “The Migrant Mother” represents the salient facts of emotional responses and of profound significance to a nation or other large group whereas Cameron photograph of “Madonnas and Angelic Children” represents the possibilities of personal and spiritual growth gained by caring for another and following God’s will. Our initial observation regarding image by Dorothea Lange reveals that life has been difficult for the woman.

When we look at the woman gesture in the photograph, it tells us about the symbolic image of family and poverty. Our initial observation regarding image by Julia Margaret Cameron reveals that the woman has been doing physical labor for quiet a long time. The work worn hand at the lower right of the composition tells us that she is a household servant or doing some sort of physical work.

Light in the first image is direct and natural. Its harshness accentuates the angularities found within the image. Light falls as harshly on the children as on the woman; even the infant doesn’t escape its scrutiny. Whereas in the second image, the light is not direct. However, the use of dramatic light in this image gives an intensity and great intimacy about the relationship...