Comparing William Haigs Article to Black Adders 'GoodByeee'

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War, mans way of solving problems. Its quite ironic really as presidents, prime ministers, and leaders or countries teach their children that fighting/killing is wrong and to talk instead of fight to solve problems or disagreementsbut when it comes down to it this is exactly what they do when they don't see eye to eye with another country.

I will be limiting my study to two different pieces both illustrating world war 1, this will be Black Adder 'Goodbyeeee' and Haigs article entitled 'Haig Strikes South Of Ypres', a contemporary newspaper report written by Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig and a modern video "Black Adder Goes Forth'', The final programme in the series.

Haig's article is basically about how well the British were doing in the war.

He uses lots or jingoism to make it seem like Britain are the best and they are 'winning'.

He also goes on to say how many guns they have captured and how many German prisoners 'we' have as if to say we have most of their troops and guns therefore we are victorious.

He never mentions anything negative about Britain until the end of the article and even then he jazzes it up so it doesn't sound that negative, 'Six of our planes are missing'.

I think he saves this until last because it is the most negative and he doesn't have to explain what he means and more than likely, because its at the end of the article and very short, people will just forget about it or/and not think anything of it.

He makes it sound not so bad by using 'missing' in place of captured, this is mainly because a contemporary audience would be shocked and panic as they would not be use to thins kind of thing where as...