Comparision between three different accounting software applications.

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MS Dynamics has the familiar look and feel of Microsoft® Office Outlook® and extends access to business information through Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007, Microsoft Office Excel® and Microsoft Office Word. This comprehensive business intelligence software reduces the time and effort it takes to perform key tasks, offers easy access to and analysis of integrated current information and seamlessly connects operations across all lines of business in your organization.

Works seamlessly with SQL and MS Office SharePoint Server.

Built on .NET technologies.

Microsoft Dynamics GP operates much like other Microsoft products and provides a high level of integration with other familiar tools, such as the Microsoft Office system and Microsoft SQL Server. This allows employees across your organization to apply their existing skills to new business processes, enabling more effective ways of working.

With this complete business solution, employees spend less time on redundant administrative tasks and more time helping to grow the business.

Everest Software,Great PlainsIn this presentation I will be comparing and contrasting three different accounting software applications. They are QuickBooks, Peachtree & Sage MAS 500.

In a nutshell the following guidelines can determine which of the three software packages, a company should pursue. I must emphasize that these are basic guidelines and could possibly be adjusted to fit any size organization.

-QuickBooks was designed for companies and organizations of a smaller nature. Between 0-5 million in sales with limited and not very complex inventory.

-Peachtree is best used in organizations that have 5 - 25 million in annual sales with a complex inventory.

-Sage MAS 500 is for the $25 - $250 million in revenue per year. Sage is for the big complex supply chain issues that a company that big will face on a daily basis.

The next three slides will further...