Comparison Of Charles I And Louis XIV

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A comparison and contrast between Charles I and Louis XIV King Louis XIV: Outstanding example of absolute monarch Aim to make himself supreme in Europe Stringent religious toleration (change the Huguenots) King Charles I: Devine right of Kings (monarch's right to rule came from God) Conflicts with Parliament forced religion Wars There is an institution as old as the world : Monarchy-Kingship. In most places and in most times men have agreed to be governed by Kings, having found in such government something consonant to their nature.

A child born in the turn of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, at the end of the year 1600, was to inherit this hitherto unquestioned office, and apparently to inherit it undiminished in reputation or effect. He was to come to the kingship of his fathers in true descent of the Blood Royal, and , destined as it would seem, to administer as those before him had administered and to hand on this same power and majesty to his posterity.

Yet in the lifetime of that child- and it was not a long one, monarchy in England crumbled, or rather was destroyed. He himself acted that tragedy and took the tragic part therein. First he was thwarted by his more powerful subjects through his early years, from the day when as a young man of twenty-five he came to his own when he had not long passed his fortieth year. They gradually destroyed his national forces, they triumphed over him, they belittle him by one humiliation after another, and at last, before he had reached his fiftieth year, they put him to death. With him died the English monarchy- he was the last ruling King of England, the last who goverened as Kings had goverened for untold years. His virtues destroyed...