A Comparison of Ancient Cultures: Greece and Rome.

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Greco-Roman history is very complex. The two civilizations developed at dramatically different rates, as well as different times in history, and comparison is both difficult and easy. It is easy to compare Greece and Rome because both societies are in relatively the same area, situated on the same major body of water: The Mediterranean. However, it is also very difficult to compare Greek and Roman cultures because of the very fact that Greece is a country, or back then, a very large group of city-states, and Rome is a single city. There are many differences in the social structure, the treatment of women and sla

Discrepancies appeared in many elements of the social structure. They way women were treated in both societies was dissimilar. In the ancient Greek city-states "women has no political role...and were rarely ever seen outside the family compound" (Sindelar, p.35). Women in the ancient world, especially in Greece were seen as "property" of their fathers', and, after marriage, of their husbands'.

Even at birth, the father had the right to choose whether the baby should live or die, and often the reason for letting the infant die was just because it was born a female. In adult roles, women were married young usually to males considerably older than they, had very few civil rights, and hardly any legal rights; they could not vote, they could not even roam about the town without a specific reason. They could not attend most events on the public forum, with a few exceptions. These women, although the male was figure-head of the household, dominated Greek home life, and their duties around the house were mainly keeping order within the household and rearing the children. But since Greek society was slave-based, female slaves were expected to do the household chores such...