Comparison and conclusions about the nature of knowledge between knowing a friend and knowing how to swim, knowing a scientific theory and knowing a historical period.

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We can compare many things and people only by each quality. Contrasting them with their qualities will be at the same time easy and hard. Comparing a friend with something that is not alive, like knowing how to swim are two different things. A friend for example is a human being as everybody, who will help you anytime you want, give you support, understand and love you. According to Jane Sequichie Hifler, "In every man there is something wherein I may learn of him, and in that I am his pupil". We learn from our friends and they learn from us. So it is "us" who teach each other and let them know of the world we live in.

Knowing how to swim is just something that you can do in the water to move within it. It can't help you nor can it know what you are feeling in any way.

Water also cannot teach you anything nor can you learn from water. When you learn how to swim you teach yourself how and the water it just there. Swimming it just an act of moving through a substance that is not air. Although, swimming allows us to experience a part of the world we are in. it allows us to take part in exploring more than just what our feet can touch. This allows us to learn and grow from what we learn under the water and how it interacts with what we see around us. The act of knowing a friend and knowing how to swim are both in turn methods of learning to obtain and achieve things in life.

Comparing knowing a friend to knowing a scientific theory shows that they both must be proven. Friends are people who just don't walk up and suddenly become...