A Comparison Between Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution

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"Ignorance is strength" In this date and time that still applies to our world today for those that have knowledge. Those who know have power over those who don't. The story of Animal Farm is a story of revolution, abuse of power, and a lesson in history. Revolution started with a speech given by the prestigious Old Major. He was a prize boar that had pasted his prime. He still commanded the respect of all the animals. He spoke of equal rights and fair treatment. He felt that animals should not work for humans for only the very bare necessities. Since the animals were stronger and the humans weren't strong enough to run the farm without the animals' help, the idea came forth that it was the animals that were superior. USA Today magazine called this book, "A political satire..." that pokes fun at the revolution in Russia.

"Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.

And remember also that in fighting against man, we must not come to resemble him..." This statement made in the book at the end of Old Major's speech was one of the major catalysts for the revolution that would take place shortly after the wise boar's death. It would also be the basis of the 7 Commandments. The abandonment of the 7 Commandments was where things had gone from bad to worse. It was bad enough that the humans were treating the animals badly but and extra blow was given when the pigs started abusing their power the way the humans did.

In the beginning beast pride was instilled in every animal. The night of the meeting Old Major sang Beasts of England. It painted a picture of a better world for all walks of beasts. More food, freedom,