Comparison between Claudio (measure for measure) and Gerard (murmuring judges)

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· They are both characters of injustice:Gerard's injustice: "I carry sticks of dynamite. Semtex, actually. I keep it at home. It works pretty well. It's always worked well for me." - Barry, page 75.Claudio's injustice: "You must lay down the treasures of your body, To this supposed, or else to let him suffer: What would you do?" - Angelo, act 2 scene 4.

· The both accept their failings and the justice of their arrest:Gerard's acceptance: "You've already taken the role of 'Poor Me'..." - Irina"Are you saying I shouldn't?" - Gerard, page 38.Claudio's acceptance: "I will encounter darkness as a bride and hug it in mine arms." - Claudio, act 3 scene 1.

· The audience feel sorry for both characters because of their injustice, punishment and treatment:Gerard's treatment: "We want it off because we don't want blood on it." - First prisoner, page 81. Claudio's treatment: "Sweet sister, let me live" - Claudio, act 3 scene 1.

· They are both dependent on a woman: Gerard à Irina and Claudio à Isabella.Gerard's dependency on Irina: "Fight now?" - Gerard, page 39.Claudio's dependency on Isabella: "Nay hear me, Isabel" - Claudio, act 3 scene 1

Gerard is dislike because he is Irish, therefore some members of the society within Murmuring Judges look down on him:"He's an ordinary, slightly sub average human being who has landed himself in a damn stupid mess." - Sir Peter, page 89.

Claudio's view of character is very much approved as Mistress Overdone says to Lucio and his companions that he "was worth five thousand of you all" (- act 1 scene 2, line 60-61). Escalus calls him a "gentleman" with "a most noble father." (- act two scene one, line 6-7)