Comparison between creative freedom and inner freedom: (Salvador Dali and Kahlil Gibran)

Essay by daler March 2007

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“Life without liberty is like a body without spirit.”Today “Freedom” is very popular word in all over the world. All people have their own understanding of freedom. And I also have my own understanding of freedom. Freedom for me is to be not conforming of something, to be not slave of my own desires. But I don’t believe that anyone is truly free, because we all conform to something or someone. For example social etiquette’s, beliefs of religion and all the biases subconsciously accepted from a life time of media and other external influences like friends and family. And the most interesting idea of the Chapter Four of “Individual and Society” book was the idea of freedom. We discussed about how freedom influence for cultivating of individual, how it is important and what does mean freedom. And the most interesting texts on this theme for me were the text of Kahlil Gibran and Salvador Dali.

I think that these texts are similar to each other, and that’s why they can be compared. These two authors are talking about freedom, but not about the same freedom. They have their own understanding of freedom. And there are some questions: how they connected with each other and which freedom they are explaining in their texts. These two authors are so different but at the same time they are also similar to each other: Salvador Dali is talking about creative freedom and Kahlil Gibran is talking about inner freedom and I’m going to compare these two ideas.

A major difference between these two authors is that they are explaining freedom in different ways and they understand freedom differently. For Salvador Dali real freedom is creative freedom. He understands the freedom in creativity that he can draw anything, what he wants. And he doesn’t care...