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Essay #2: Writing About Writing

Assignment description: For essay number two, you're going to take the concepts you learned in your rhetorical analysis and the concepts you'll learn in this unit and reflect on them in order to talk about your own writing process and values. You're going to need to incorporate an idea or two from the blogs as well as some research in order to complete this paper.

Some ideas/questions to consider:

 You're reflecting on your own writing process and what you value in writing.

 How does your writing reflect the rhetorical strategies you've learned?

 What do other people have to say about similar writing processes?

 Think about how you identify yourself as a writer and what's influenced that.

 How are your values translated in your writing?

Format: This paper should be between three and five pages. However, I would rather you worry about quality rather than quantity.

Have something to say and talk about it in depth. If you write a quality paper at two-and-a-half pages, then write that quality paper. Be sure to use a 12-point, Times New Roman font and to double-space the paper.

Evaluation: The chart below breaks down the different parts of the writing process that will weighed against your grade.


Proper incorporation of research and blog post

Inclusion of a strong thesis and supporting paragraphs

Proper formatting

Participation in peer reviews and conferences

Meeting draft deadlines on time